About Jasmine



Jasmine Gercke, owner of Jazz Yoga School, tried Bikram Yoga for the first time in Vancouver shortly after surgery on the left knee due to a skiing accident. She instantly knew this practice would change her. However, she was not aware of all the enormous endeavors this yoga would bring to her life in the future…

Fall 2008 was her turning point.  She decided to attend the Acapulco Teacher Training (TT) that fall. Following, she has trained in advanced teacher trainings in the Bishnu Ghosh Lineage, certified as a Bikram Yoga instructor in 2008, participated in several advanced trainings in Palm Springs, Barcelona, Los Cabos Mexico and Las Vegas. She also recertified in Barcelona with Bikram himself to make sure to always offer the most current teachings to her student. She is Kids Yoga certified, Yin Yoga certified with over 1000 hours of yoga training recognized by the Canadian Yoga Alliance as a GOLD level teacher and studio. 
A true believer in the saying “hard work pays off”, Jasmine puts her heart and soul into this dream and the positive energy and vibe of Jazz Yoga School.

Jasmine took a huge risk resigning from her secure and respected job at Ernst & Young, a global top four-fortune firm. Her experience at the Acapulco Teacher Training was awakening. Jazz Yoga School reflects her Indian roots and values her gurus’ teachings, whilst offering a warm-hearted smile every time you enter this serene breathing space. But, the journey in becoming an entrepreneur did not happen over night…

She has completed certifications in Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga, is currently undertaking Ph.D research studies in Yoga Therapy and is continuing advanced training with Tony Sanchez. She is determined to take her yoga business to a new level, while remaining authentic. Jazz Yoga School is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a school that offers Level Gold Teacher Training.


Jasmine travelled most of her life living in many countries, the go-getter ventured all over the world for yoga; Buffalo, Toronto, Austin, Mexico, London, Brighton, Vancouver, Miami, Los Angeles and back to Montreal to open Jazz Yoga School on October 10th, 2010.

The adventurous pursues on her mission in creating a yoga community in order to change lives by practicing yoga daily not only as an entrepreneur faced with many challenges but also as an individual who fears no unknown.

It is never too late to follow your dream and change; it is your choice. Simply walk through the door and take a yoga class; the universe will take care of the rest!


Jasmine Reena Gercke

Owner/ Director Jazz Yoga School