A healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Jazz Yoga School put together an Nutritional Advice Acidic Chart to facilitate the comprehension of food intake to better your practice and lifestyle.

Neutral/Mildly Acidic
Moderately Acidic
Highly Acidic
Black Beans Fresh, Natural Juice Alcohol
Chickpeas/Garbanzos Coffee
Kidney Beans Ketchup Fruit Juice (Sweetened)
Seitan Mayonnaise Black Tea
Cantaloupe Cocoa
Currants Apple Honey
Fresh Dates Apricot Jam
Nectarine Banana Jelly
Plum Blackberry Mustard
Sweet Cherry Blueberry Rice Syrup
Watermelon Cranberry Vinegar
Grapes Yeast
Amaranth Mango
Millet Peach Dried Fruit
Freshwater Wild Fish Beef
Brown Rice Chicken
Rice Milk Oats Eggs
Soy Milk Rye Bread Farmed fish
Wheat Pork
Brazil Nuts Wholemeal Bread Shellfish
Pecan Nuts Wild Rice
Hazelnuts Wholemeal Pasta Cheese
Sunflower Oil Ocean Fish
Grapeseed Oil Artificial Sweeteners