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  • Please note that morning class are as seen on the schedule.
  • 1-5 students constitutes a private class which is always 60 minutes.
  • Please take the time to register online at www.mindbodyonline.com and register for classes in advance.
  • Jazz Yoga reserves the right to cancel classes with 3 students or less.
  • Scheduling is subject to change.
  • Community classes are announced online.
  • Follow us on Facebook  Jazz Yoga/Jazz Yoga Inc and check our weekly updated LIVE schedule on mindbodyonline

“I am dead”

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“I am dead” ‘So-ham’ we chant repeatedly in the Ashram this early morning in Rishikesh, India today to clear ourselves from our ego and heal the body from the inside. We learn how to breathe correctly for the first time, every time we practice, as we bring awareness to our...
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