Jazz Yoga School is a Yoga school that was established 5 years ago, originally a Bikram Yoga school and currently offering classes that range from Bikram yoga to Hatha Yoga, hot yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga and workshops with internationally renowned lightworkers.

We offer comprehensive yoga intruction to our students of all ages and skill levels. Our allignement-based approach cultivates strenght, balance and flexibility in a both challenging and safe environment to learn.

We focus on indivdual levels and provide guidance to posture modification as needed in a studio environment with classes that are reasonably sized for us to give personalised instructions.

Through this practice our students are guided to a deeper awareness and connection to the mind, body and soul and in combination with our meditation classes and ayurvedic aproach offered, we cultivate a practice that is whole.

With this dedication to personal attention Jazz Yoga School and its teachers help all students develop at their own pace preventing injury, ilness and diseases.